Pat Duke Memorial Arena

  • Location:

    Lumby, BC

  • Publishing Date:

    January 15, 2016

  • Nominated By:

    Kim Leach

1. How would you describe your community’s passion and spirit for hockey?

Lumby is a small village that relies on the arena in many community related ways. From hosting fundraisers in the summer, the figure skating club, rec leagues, our schools, and even the tiniest of tots learning to skate and our minor hockey teams, our rink is used and used it is! Our business community is amazing not only do many provide a yearly sponsorship, but when teams are hosting tournaments there is never a hesitation for another donation, or an offer to help in anyway possible! Lumby is small so our kids grow up together from a very young age, and stay connected like family well into their adult lives. Like the tournament shirt says EAT, SLEEP, HOCKEY, REPEAT its what this community does. Without our rink and the multiple activities that it hosts our community would have a large void to fill, which nothing ever could truly do, it would be a devastating loss. With the help of Kraft Hockeyville it would provide one step closer to achieving some goals set out for our rink

2. What arena project would most benefit from the prize money and what impact would this project have on your community?

Our village has a very small tax base, and population getting repairs done is hard, we are in need of a new change room for our girls, larger change rooms for the teams, more spectator seating, floors and a new storage unit, and heaters that are on the fritz! The girls change room is very small, in fact to call it a change room is a bit laughable, in all honesty its a closet with a shower. How do we expect to encourage our young female players to join when we can't even provide them with sufficient room to put on their gear, let alone having to share with the opposing teams......the floors are rotting away and currently are rubber mats duct taped down......and watch your step the next one might be a doozy with that ice build up! With the lack of space in our old building we have had to "attach" a storage unit to the building, we have had to throw out large amounts of equipment due to mold, and yet despite all of this community still rally's together to keep our rink up and running.

3. Why should your community be the next Kraft Hockeyville?

To be able to host a pre-season NHL game in our tiny village would be a memory our children and community would cherish and remember for their entire lives. Could you imagine being a small town kid with the dream to meet an NHL player or even becoming an NHL player one day, but kind of knowing that its just a dream....but wait Lumby will be hosting a game in the Pat Duke arena? "I can see a player from the NHL in my hometown rink, WOW! this is going to be the best day of my life, and better yet dreams do come true and I can strive to be the player I want to be!" What an amazing gift that would be to give the kids of this community. Lumby is a beautiful community, and hockey is very much alive in this little town. The rest of Canada needs to be reminded of what a small hockey town is. Lumby is just the place to do it. An NHL pregame would be a great opportunity to bring the town together, to remind everyone how much they love the game, and how proud they are of this little community.

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